Ojaswi Party is the National Party in India and is always working in the interest of farming community. Ojaswi Party is recently constituted under supervision of Param Pujya Sant Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai Ji, It is constantly working for the welfare of the society.

Ojaswi Party is dedicated to the all-round uplift of Villagers, Labourers, Rural and Urban areas and the downtrodden and exploited. It draws inspiration from Gandhian principles, our rich heritage and the noble traditions of our struggle for national independence. The party considers the right of peaceful and democratic dissent including Satyagrah or non-violent resistance as a fundamental right of the people.

Our prominent party leaders are:
Pujya Sant Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai Ji – National President.






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